Water, an essential element of our body

Description of the water

Water is an essential element for the functioning of our organism, but in order to obtain its benefits it is necessary to choose well its water and to know the right quantity to consume.

Health benefits of water and roles for the body


The main role of water is to hydrate all the tissues of the body.

Role of the carrier

Water will also serve as the main means of transporting nutrients, metabolic waste or respiratory gases.

Thermal regulator

Thanks to sweating, water helps regulate body temperature and can also help reduce fever in case of illness.

Shock absorber

Water is the main component of cerebrospinal fluid that protects the brain from bumps and blows in the cranial cavity.

Food sources of water

What are the main sources of water?

The water commonly consumed can come from the tap or bottling (spring or mineral), each water will have a specific composition of minerals. Except in special cases, it is recommended to vary the water consumed as much as possible to balance the intake of minerals and trace elements.

Beyond table water, water is found in all commonly consumed foods, however it is noted that the largest amounts of water are found in fruits and vegetables.

20 foods containing more water

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Food and Drink Portion Amount of water
Green beans100g91g

Daily water demand

Depending on body weight, physical activity and outdoor temperature, daily water intake should be between 1 and 2L of water per day for an adult and well. Athletes, pregnant women and people doing physical work or in an overheated environment, the needs will be increased and can reach up to 3.5 liters per day.

Consequence of water shortage

The great consequence of the lack of water is the dehydration of the organization. This can cause confusion, a drop in blood pressure, but also damage to the kidneys and brain that can also lead to cardiac arrest. Discover why you should drink more water.

Consequences of excess water

Excess water consumption can lead to over-hydration which can cause edema. A psychological disorder called potomania can be responsible for this, since the affected people consume up to 6 liters of water per day.