Weight loss without surgery: is it possible?

Weight loss without surgery: is it possible?

Obese people who wish to lose a lot of weight are often forced to resort to surgery due to a lack of good medical follow-up. On the other hand, natural and safe solutions exist even if they do not promise miraculous results in a short period. Here are a few practical tips for losing a lot of weight without surgery.

Consult a specialist

It is not advisable to consider a large weight loss without consulting a health care professional. A nutritionist and a sports coach are the only people who can prescribe the steps you should take if you want to achieve big weight loss without surgery. Their role consists of analyzing your health status, defining your needs, measuring your degree of obesity, etc. The behavioral approach that evaluates the patient’s state of mind and motivations is also necessary at the beginning of treatment. It allows the overweight person to change his or her habits. All these preliminary assessments are important. They allow a coach to prescribe exactly the diet that best suits your body and respects your expectations. In some cases, the use of a psychologist or life coach can be useful to support the patient and help him or she manage this change.

Sports dieting for weight loss without surgery

The sports program is one of the first solutions recommended by dietitians or sports coaches. Not only does it help to improve the appearance of your silhouette, but it also combats the cardiovascular diseases that many overweight people suffer from. If you do not wish to undergo surgery and want to avoid the yo-yo effect that often follows a large weight loss, your treatment must necessarily include a regular sports diet. Physical activity of 45 minutes a day will allow you to burn fat and will result in a visible weight loss over the days. For a diet to last over time and achieve the desired results, several factors must be taken into account.

The diet for big weight loss without surgery

If you want to lose weight, it is also important to be able to rebalance your diet according to your biological clock. In other words, this means adapting your mealtimes to your activities of the day. Also, the quality and choice of foods to be eaten are just as essential as respecting your mealtimes. People who want to lose a lot of weight without surgery should have a check-up with a nutritionist. This will allow them to benefit from a diet adapted to their body mass.

From now on, calorific foods (soft drinks, candies, cakes, etc.) should be banned to reduce energy intake. In general, this diet consists of foods that are low in fat, sugars and carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates such as starch). In this case, it should be rich in fruit, fiber and vegetables. The Atkins diet is one of the derivatives of the sugar-free diet that promotes long-term weight loss. However, diets often lead to too much frustration and are therefore difficult to maintain over the long term. That’s why a rebalanced diet is more recommended. Furthermore, it is advisable to abandon bad snacking habits and prefer homemade foods. Indeed, cooking yourself allows you to better dose and control the components of your meals.

Slimming with plants

Plants are full of benefits and medicinal virtues. Some have appetite suppressants, detoxifying, digestive and slimming properties. You can find your slimming panacea by making them your ally for weight loss. Herbal teas are renowned for their effectiveness in a slimming diet. They can validly accompany physical activity and diet during a natural diet for a big weight loss without surgery. Many plants and some natural supplements have properties to effectively accelerate fat burning. It is nevertheless necessary to respect the schedules of catch as well as the dosage of your doctor to avoid the risks of intoxication.