What complementary approaches for eating disorders?

Important. Eating disorders are serious diseases that can have dramatic health consequences, leading to death. It is therefore important to consult a doctor or a specialised service to benefit from comprehensive care, which may, if desired, include natural or complementary therapies.

Yoga. Several studies have shown that yoga, which combines physical postures and medication, can provide important support to people with CAW. Yoga helps to improve self-awareness and body awareness, strengthen self-esteem, and is a good complement to psychotherapy. Several studies have shown the benefits of yoga in cases of mental health disorders13.

Approaches to consider Physical exercise. Three clinical trials involving more than 200 women with bulimic hyperphagia14 have shown that physical exercise, including aerobics and yoga, helps reduce the number of episodes of hyperphagia and associated depressive symptoms. Combined with psychotherapy, physical exercise would be beneficial.

Scientific Editor: Marine Corniou
Revising doctor: Laure Deflandre
On-line publication date: January 2019

Source : Passport santé