What exercises to get rid of hip fat

What exercises to get rid of hip fat

The hips are one of those areas that tend to become more complex. Whether you are a little round or your morphology makes you take it all in at this level, the roundness of the hips can be badly experienced.
Here are a few exercises to help you slim your hips.


Squats are one of the best-known exercises. Your feet should be parallel to your shoulders, nice and flat and slightly turned outwards. The exercise consists of performing up and down movements – sitting, standing – each second: one, two; one, two…
You can put your hands on your hips to accompany the movement if you wish but it is best to keep them straight in front of you. This avoids hindering your movements, which will be more fluid.
To lose fat on the hips, perform 50 movements every other day to let your muscles rest in between.

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The cracks

Lunges are an exercise that requires a lot of energy, even if the pace is slow.
The position: straight body, in perfect alignment, hands-on-hips. Then, you will extend one leg in front of you, as far as possible, before doing a flexion. Return to your initial position and reverse your legs.
To slim your hips, you can make 40 movements per leg. Again, you can do this exercise once every two days.

The mountain climber

Mountain climber is a fabulous exercise to lose fat on the hips, which also requires a lot of energy.
With your hands resting on the ground, facing you, you will bring your legs back to your hands one after the other. The movement will thus resemble a running on the spot, quite fast: pick up the rhythm of the seconds.
Exercises to slim hips should be done at a steady pace, so that your body draws on its reserves during the exercise, but also afterward.
Series of 50 movements per leg is also recommended. Of course, if you are already an athlete, you can do longer series.
You can also work in a series of 30 seconds. This consists of doing your exercise quickly for 30 seconds, then resting for another 30 seconds, and so on, alternating. This technique works the cardio and burns fat from the hips.

Oblique exercise

The oblique exercise is one of the most complicated exercises for losing fat on hips. Indeed, it requires working the deeper muscles.
For this exercise, you will be on the ground. So make sure you have a treadmill with you.
The position: with one arm parallel to your shoulder, legs stretched out on the ground in front of you, you will raise one leg, also parallel to the other, to perform a lifting movement. You can do this movement 50 times or by series of thirty seconds there too. Change sides once the series is over to work on the other leg and refine your hips.

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Pedaling is a simpler exercise, but very effective. Lying on your mat with your arms at your sides and your head resting, you will perform pedaling movements in the air.
These movements are often done in series – of 50 movements per leg, or 30 seconds – quite fast.

All these exercises to slim hips can be done even if you are new to sports. Make sure that you do the movements but also that you stretch well at the end of your sessions so as not to stress or strain your muscles.
You can do these exercises daily, reducing your series, or every other day, taking a day off between each session.
The advantage of these exercises is not only their effectiveness in reducing hip fat over the long term but also the fact that they can be done at home, at your own pace.

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