flabby thighs

What are flabby thighs?

Flabby thighs are a problem that affects many women. The fat that accumulates in the hips, buttocks and thighs is difficult to remove. It is a natural phenomenon in women to prevent a possible pregnancy.

What are flabby thighs?

What is called “saddlebags”? It is a subcutaneous fatty mass that is generally located on the pelvis and hips. It appears when the body stores too many fat cells after a lack of exercise or a poor diet. It can also be linked to the hormonal life of the body which changes during puberty, following hormonal problems, pregnancy… This manifests itself by an increase in the volume of the thighs, buttocks, and pelvis.

The problem of flabby thighs is particularly relevant to women and is a real aesthetic embarrassment for many women. It is difficult to get rid of. When the body expands itself, it tends to draw its energy from the fat in the upper body. The ovaries also produce a hormone called folliculin which promotes weight gain in the lower part of the body. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of it with simple daily gestures, special physical exercises and good food hygiene.

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History of this word

The origin of this word dates back to the 19th century when new wide and loose-fitting clothes for horseback riding were created. At that time, the word “breeches” was used to describe the “pants you wear when riding a horse”. Women were beginning to become emancipated and began to ride horses. The shape of these loose clothing was then associated with the physical form described above for women.

What are the causes of flabby thighs?

Although they are a problem for many, fat cells are essential for the human body. They are an extremely important source of energy needed for physical exertion. But when the body has more fat intake than energy expenditure, it stores this useless fat. The phenomenon of cellulite then appears when the body is unable to burn this fat which will come to be located on the hips, thighs and buttocks. The female body is “naturally programmed” to build up energy reserves in case of a possible pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the event of a major change, the body will be able to draw on this reserve to ensure the proper development of the fetus and the baby.
Each woman has her genes and her morphology. Some are more likely to gain weight quicker than others. This is a largely hereditary problem.

How to get rid of them?

To avoid this cellulite problem, the solutions are simple.

  • It is advisable to keep a healthy and balanced diet and to practice a regular sport activity.
  • Cardio exercises are particularly targeted at the areas affected by the flabby thighs. You can, for example, go jogging, walking, cycling, aerobics, or swimming. They will help to burn unnecessary fat and firm up muscles and skin.
  • For those in a hurry, some interventions can make it disappear such as liposuction, lasers, or injections.
  • Opt for the palpating-rolling massage which will allow you to evacuate toxins, reduce water retention, and eliminate cellulite. Since this type of massage is a little complicated to perform by hand, you can use a special suction cup. These will reproduce the method of palpating-rolling to eliminate your saddlebags and remove the dimpled skin.