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What to eat for breakfast to lose weight

Breakfast is an important meal. It should provide everything your body needs to start your day, but it should also give you good, lasting energy. Not eating this meal is not recommended, especially if you feel hungry when you get up. Starving your body is the best way to make it store the intake of future meals. You should, therefore, pay attention to the foods you choose for breakfast.

Why eat breakfast in order to lose weight?

This meal is without a doubt the one that raises the most questions, especially within a slimming program: should it be skipped? Should you have it? What to eat?

In a slimming program, it is necessary to never skip a meal, on the contrary, skipping a meal with the thought of losing weight will lead to frustration and cravings, especially in the morning. Your stomach takes more or less time to wake up, but it still requires a certain amount of calories.
The purpose of this meal is to avoid the urge to snack later in the morning.

It is therefore important to eat it and to consume foods that will reduce the feeling of hunger and bring a feeling of rapid satiety. This means that you will need to focus on slow sugars, which will give you a good energy intake, essential to last until lunch.

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What should I eat for breakfast to lose weight?

Several techniques can be used in the morning. You must be careful what you eat, as your first meal of the day is the one that sets the pace.

Drink lemon juice or a glass of water

Drink lemon juice or a glass of water when you get up, on an empty stomach. Lemon is an alkaline food in the body, despite its acidity. It is also detoxifying. It helps your digestive system to get rid of its waste products and toxins.
Your body is revived, revitalized, and will also find it easier to digest your next meals.

Eat protein

Eating protein is a great way to make that morning meal your energy base for the day. It will also reduce the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. It increases as you approach a meal and decrease when satiety arrives.
Protein will provide you with good energy and prevent cravings without you needing to eat a large amount.

Cut out fast sugars

Remove the quick sugars from pastries, viennoiseries such as brioches, croissants, pain au chocolat and others… All these foods are very high in calories. Moreover, they are quickly absorbed by the body.
As a result, you find yourself hungry after an hour without having provided your body with essential nutrients.

Have whole foods

Preferring wholemeal foods is always beneficial for your health, in addition to being good slimming allies. A breakfast to lose weight should provide energy and nutrients without the calories.
Oats, for example, are rich in good carbohydrates, which are excellent for energy intake, but also in fiber, which is excellent for a healthy digestive system.
Don’t eat industrial cereals, including those created for weight loss. These products are rich in bad fats and sugars.

Eat whole fruit

Take whole fruit to benefit from the fiber intake. Fiber is extremely important for health as well as for weight loss. They promote transit and allow the intestinal microbiota to function optimally.
However, the digestive system is very important in a slimming program, so you must take care of its health. It also allows better digestion.

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