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What’s a body wraps?

Summer is coming and so is the season of parties and weddings… Are you fed up with this little canister sticking out of your dress? Wondering how you’re going to look your best on the big day? Have you ever heard of the slimming wrap? Do you know what it is and how it affects weight loss? We’ll tell you all about it in this article!

The principle of a slimming wrap

A slimming wrap has been a very trendy wrap technique for a few years now. This process is simple, you just have to apply a care with slimming virtues or a home-made mixture on the part where you want to slim down and wrap it with a transparent film. There are also wraps in the form of patches that can be applied directly to the skin

What products should you apply to your skin?

Today, there is a multitude of them! First of all, know that you can make your own homemade wrap, there are many recipes on the internet. You can also buy directly in the store care products specially designed to make a wrap. However, don’t apply just any product on the areas you want to treat because the different types of wrap have different effects. In order to have an effective result, it is then essential to choose your product carefully

Steps to make your slimming wrap a success

Step 1: Apply a thick layer of your homemade mixture or commercially purchased wrap to the area where you want to lose inches and refine the body.

Step 2: Wrap the area where you applied the care with several layers of transparent film (cellophane) to activate perspiration and encapsulate the active ingredients on the area. This gesture will allow the active ingredients to multiply tenfold and be even more effective

Step 3: Leave your wrap on for 10 to 40 minutes (depending on how your wrap is used).

Step 4: Remove the cellophane and rinse the treated area with cool or warm water. And that’s it, you just have to admire the result!

If you have chosen the wrap in patch form, simply place it on your skin.

Where to use the slimming wrap?

Slimming wrap is mainly used for
❯ have a flatter stomach
❯ refine your thighs

But know, that you can also use it to refine:
❯ your buttock
❯ your calves
❯ your arms

The effects according to the type of wrap slimming

Wrap as a patch

The effects of the wrap are ephemeral and are limited to the first layer of the epidermis, so it has no fat-burning action. The wrap through the wrap will cause the pores to open and this will also make your body sweat. Thus, by draining water, you will eliminate toxins. Your skin will be firmed and toned. You will lose inches due to the water loss on the area where you apply the wrap. If you have water retention problems, applying a slimming wrap from time to time can help you. If you want to be slimmer for a special occasion such as a wedding, party, or birthday, this is the product for you! We recommend that you do one just before your event as the results are immediate – you will immediately have a flatter tummy but it will only last a few hours.

The Homemade Wrap

The effects of the homemade wrap are generally similar to the patch wrap, especially the loss of water due to perspiration. You have to be motivated to make your little mix that can only be used once very often and that quickly expires. The results of the homemade wrap are very often short-lived.

The Wrap in the form of care

Wraps in the form of care contain recognized and tested active ingredients. These active ingredients will promote a long-lasting loss of centimetres, unlike previous wraps. Indeed, these types of wraps contain active slimming ingredients, burn-fats, detox, anti-cellulite, etc. which are derived for example from plants, fruits or algae. By making several wraps per week you will obtain long-lasting results. Besides, the wrap in the form of treatment also has an effect on water retention, which will be reduced and on cellulite. Orange peel skin is like a face lift.
To make it even more effective and for the active ingredients to penetrate further, do a scrub beforehand.

Which slimming wrap to choose?

Guide to come.

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