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What’s my body shape?

It is common to hear that it is important to know our morphology well. But what else? It is a question of understanding our body, of taking the time to observe it (with benevolence) to get the best out of it because everybody is different, but everybody has its assets. By determining your type, you will be able to accept it.

There are 6 types of silhouettes: the X, the O, the A, the V, the H, and the 8. You must belong to one of these categories. Of course, we are talking about general characteristics, each person can have his or her particularities. Take the time to look at yourself entirely in a mirror, if possible in your underwear, and visualize the shapes and balances. Beware, it is in no way possible to modify one’s morphology, which is specific to each person since birth. We are talking about the natural skeleton. However, it is possible to adapt certain parts of the body that disturb you, such as your weight, your belly and so on.

Here are the criteria to learn how to define it: shoulders, waist, hips.

The woman X or the hourglass woman

Woman X is the slim and rather frail figure par excellence. For example, a woman in this category will have shoulders in line with her hips and a pronounced waist. Overall, it is a rather harmonious body since the top and bottom are balanced.

Your body cues to consider are therefore the shoulders and hips. It’s a look that’s easy to dress for everyday life because everything fits him.

Example of hourglass woman: Audrey Tautou.

The O woman or the apple woman

The O woman is around the body. The curves are present and they must assert themselves. As a general rule, the woman is pulpy, her hips are developed and rather wide. She may have a generous chest and rounded buttocks. On the other hand, her waist is not very pronounced or even non-existent.

To find out if you fit this type, note that the shoulders are slightly narrower than the hips, without creating an imbalance.

Example of a woman apple: Adèle.

Woman A or the pyramid woman

Female body A corresponds to a relatively common morphology in women. It is also said that this is the symbol of femininity.

You are in this category if you have shoulders that are less developed than your hips. This creates an imbalance between the top and the bottom. Since the build is narrower than the rest, with small shoulders and often a small chest, you can play with this difference to create an illusion of symmetry.

Example of a pyramid woman: Jennifer Lopez.

The V woman or the inverted pyramid woman

The V woman has a body with a dynamic and sporty look. Unlike the A woman, her shoulders are therefore wider than her hips. The imbalance occurs at the top since it is relatively straightforward. The legs are mostly thin, slender, and long. The waist is small, even slightly marked, and the chest is not very pronounced.

Example of an inverted pyramid woman: Angelina Jolie.

The H woman or the rectangle woman

The H woman is a fairly common profile among the 6 and can be presented as the figure with the least amount of shape. Rather long, the rectangular woman has hips that are in the continuity of the shoulders. The waist is weakly marked, and the chest is not imposing.

Example of a rectangular woman: Natalie Portman.

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The 8 woman

Woman 8 is the voluptuous version of woman X. She is characterized by a balanced and, above all, shaped ensemble. The shoulders are aligned with the hips and the waist is well hollowed out.

Example of a woman in 8: Marilyn Monroe