Which sports burn the most calories?

Which sports burn the most calories?

The sports that burn the most calories are those belonging to the category of cardio training. They allow you to work your muscles in-depth and eliminate an average of 600 calories per hour of activity. They are the slimming allies par excellence, they help to lose fat efficiently, while toning different parts of the body. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them, as well as how to optimize them and eliminate as many calories as possible.


With an average expenditure of 500 calories per hour, swimming is one of the sports that burn the most calories. Ideal for deep development of all the muscles of the body, it can also help you increase your endurance level. Unlike other physical activities, swimming also has the advantage of not putting significant pressure on the joints. To optimize the slimming effects of your swimming sessions, opt for special swimming techniques such as backstroke, breaststroke, crawl, butterfly or synchronized swimming.

The bike

By cycling for an hour, you can burn between 500 and 800 calories, depending on where and how hard you exercise. You can optimize this calorie loss by building a custom program. For example, you can start with an initial session of fewer than 60 minutes on an empty stomach and then follow up with a longer session by going on more difficult terrain such as uphill or mountainous terrain to do split training.


Skiing is a sport that allows you to burn calories while having fun. We can distinguish, cross-country skiing which is one of the most beneficial forms, with an expenditure of up to 1100 calories per hour. While downhill skiing is, for its part, less efficient, although it can still help you lose up to 650 kcal/hour. All in all, skiing strengthens your body as a whole and gives you the body of your dream.

The elliptical bike

By doing an hour of high-intensity elliptical biking, you can burn about 830 calories. This makes it one of the most effective physical activities for losing calories quickly. To maximize the benefits without overexerting yourself, you can alternate between cardio workouts and split workouts.


Football is a sport that helps you lose weight quickly thanks to the combination of intense cardiovascular training and muscle work in the legs, thighs and calves. Calorie loss is estimated at 413 calories per hour for a medium-intensity match and up to 590 calories in a competitive situation.


Handling the racket for one hour will allow you to burn more than 500 calories. You can optimize this caloric expenditure by playing for 3 hours each week and by integrating replacements and starts for split play into your game. This means, for example, frequent hitting the net or playing a long game with large movements on the lateral sides.


Judo is one of the sports that burn the most calories because it uses the whole body and works all the muscles. The calorie loss is estimated at around 600 calories per one-hour training session. The most important thing is to maintain a certain regularity in the workouts, the right frequency is 2 to 3 sessions per week.

The step

The step allows you to lose fat fairly quickly and make your heart work hard. The average calorie expenditure is estimated at 500 calories per hour, but you can increase it considerably by increasing the level of difficulty of the exercise. To do this, simply adjust the walking plate to the level you can handle.

VoilĂ ! So now you know which sports burn the most calories. You know which physical activities to choose to eliminate as many calories as possible and lose weight in the long term. Note that the most important thing is to practice them regularly and, above all, to combine them with a balanced diet and good hydration.

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