yogurt make you fat

Which yogurt doesn’t make you fat?

Yogurts: slimming allies?

Faced with excess kilos, we often go in search of the miracle food that will help us lose weight. Fruits and vegetables seem to play this role wonderfully. However, they are not the only ones that can help us lose weight. In the range of dairy products, yogurt, which is low in calories, can also be an ally when we tend to gain weight.

Contrary to certain preconceived ideas, yogurts do not make you gain weight, as long as you exclude, of course, dessert creams and flavored yogurts. For slimming, it is, therefore, advisable to favor 0% yogurts and plain yogurts. We are going to praise their merits right now.

The benefits of yogurt

Rich in calcium, but also vitamins D and B12 and protein, yogurts are good for your health but also for your weight. Preferred fat-free, they prevent cholesterol and prevent weight gain.

Their protein content also gives a satiating effect, making yogurts an interesting appetite suppressant when you want to lose weight, as they limit your food intake.

In addition to being low in calories, with less than 60 kcal, when consumed plain or with 0% fat, acts directly on fat metabolism. Since it is fermented, especially when it is made with whole milk, yogurt acts on the intestinal flora. Thus, it facilitates digestion and limits the storage of fat in the abdomen. This is due to the presence of certain Lactobacillus acidophilus type bacteria, which appears during the fermentation of whole milk.

Several scientific studies have also looked into this slimming effect of yogurt, particularly thanks to its action on the balance of the intestinal flora, and their results are promising.

Finally, the reason why we advocate the consumption of whole milk yogurt and 0% yogurt is that they contain a large amount of calcium. This mineral is a mineral that strengthens our bones. It also regulates blood sugar levels, limiting blood sugar, but is also a recognized fat sensor. It would thus avoid storing the fat ingested during a meal

To put it plainly: Fermented whole milk yogurts contain bacteria that helps digestion and limits weight gain. Fat free yogurts are very low in calories. Indeed, they are limited in fatty acids. Also, both types of yogurt contain calcium, which prevents the storage of fats.

The slimming impact of yogurt

Forget false beliefs, yogurts don’t make you fat, as long as you choose plain, whole milk, and fat-free yogurts! Yogurt consumption cannot compensate for your excesses of all kinds. However, it can help you avoid gaining weight, as part of a relatively balanced diet. Some people praise the benefits of the “yogurt diet”. This consists of eating almost exclusively yogurt for a few days. It makes it possible to lose up to 5 kilos in a week. However, there is still a risk of gaining back all these kilos once the diet is over…

Finally, note that plain yogurt is certainly a slimming ally, but will have no impact if you add sugar or jam. If the taste of plain yogurt seems too strong, add a few pieces of fresh fruit, and you’re done!

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