men get fatter

Why do men get fatter as they get older

Starting in their thirties, men see their waist circumference increase, and their overweight develop. Unlike women, they store fat in the abdominal area. This can then hurt health. Why does the belly grow larger with age, and why do fat deposits accumulate specifically in this area? Find out why men get fatter as they get older.

Why do men’s bellies get fatter?

While women store fat at the hips and thighs, men tend to see their bellies get fatter. If nothing is done to limit this phenomenon, fat deposits will accumulate and gradually be stored in other organs such as the liver or pancreas. This is why abdominal fat is more dangerous to health than fat stored on the hips or thighs. In particular, it carries a higher risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or type II diabetes.

But why does fat storage default to the belly in men? The causes of this specific distribution are both hormonal and genetic. On the one hand, testosterone promotes fat deposits in the abdominal area, unlike estrogen. As proof, women with high testosterone levels or who have reached menopause also tend to have a large belly.

On the other hand, researchers have discovered that male and female hormones influence certain genes responsible for fat storage. They, therefore, express themselves differently in men and women, which explains the differences in fat distribution.

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Causes of weight gain as a man gets older

We often notice the development of the belly from the thirties onwards, even in men who were previously quite thin. Men develop a belly as they get older and there are several causes for this phenomenon. First, the metabolism slows down and men don’t burn fat as efficiently as they used to. The production of testosterone, which has the particularity of slowing down the development of adipocytes, decreases.

Also, it has been observed that from this age onwards, men are less inclined to engage in regular sporting activity, due to a decrease in motivation and energy. Muscle mass decreases and the calories absorbed are therefore less well eliminated daily. At the same time, after the age of 30, one generally enjoys a certain financial comfort. Men then tend to indulge themselves and increase the number of meals in restaurants or aperitifs with friends.

Finally, we must add the stress caused by family and professional life, which is also a factor in weight gain. It is, therefore, conjunction of these different elements that explains why men gain weight as they get older. It should also be noted that many of them consider that having a big belly with age is normal. They also think that it is not necessary to fight against its appearance. However, overweight should be monitored because of the health risks it entails. However, men have a chance: abdominal fat is the easiest to lose, especially the sport.

What are the solutions to lose a man’s belly?

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