Why does drinking tea to lose weight work?

To lose weight, you have to drink. Drinking drains the body, eliminates toxins and increases metabolism which will function better and faster. Nevertheless, it is often advisable to drink tea… But for what reasons? Why drink tea to lose weight?

Drinking to lose weight

Drinking is essential. Your body needs water to function properly, it helps to hydrate the body, cells and vital organs. Drinking helps to drain your body. Indeed, by filtering the blood through the urinary system, water helps to rid the body of waste and toxins. These are often responsible for weight gain.
You should not, of course, drink just anything. Water, teas, herbal teas and infusions are of course recommended.
Tea is most often made from plants whose active ingredients (elements that can act on your body) will help your body to restart all its activity.
Besides, drinking tea has an appetite suppressant effect.

Does drinking tea help to lose weight effectively?

Tea promotes weight loss. It is also easier to drink tea to lose weight than water, thanks to the flavors of this drink.

1- Tea is healthy

Tea is a healthy drink. It is composed of natural plants which, unlike other drinks such as soft drinks, will not add toxins to your body. Tea is a virtually calorie-free drink and can, therefore, be safely consumed at any time of the day: after a meal, as a snack, or simply throughout the day. It is very effective in hydrating your body daily and in a healthy way.

2- Tea is a natural drainer

Finally, tea is a natural drainer that speeds up the activity of the emunctories and therefore eliminates more toxins. Draining your body will then give your cells a healthier, purified environment and this will play a role in weight loss.
However, to lose weight, it is necessary to ensure that all systems are efficient and operational.

3- Tea is rich in antioxidants

It is rich in antioxidants, especially green tea, which is one of the most preferred for weight loss. Catechins, antioxidant molecules, are found in large quantities in many teas, including green tea.
These antioxidants help the body eliminate accumulated toxins by stimulating the activity of the body’s filtering systems and emunctories. Metabolism increases, promoting weight loss by oxidizing fats, which will be easier to eliminate. Green tea has been proven to reduce body fat (1).

4- Tea contains caffeine

Tea also has a dose of caffeine. Caffeine is famous for its fat-burning action. It stimulates the metabolism and the elimination of fat.
Coupled with antioxidants, it helps to make tea an excellent weight loss drink.

5- Tea stimulates the metabolism

As proven by several research, tea stimulates your body’s metabolism and energy expenditure (2). Even when it is at rest, your body consumes energy: the brain is active as well as the systems. The body, therefore, draws on its reserves to continue to function, and tea increases the body’s speed of action, burning more calories.

6- Tea has an appetite suppressant effect

An appetite suppressant effect is observed when drinking tea. By providing your body with the nutrients contained in this drink, it will work better, faster, and also make you forget your hunger. It also plays a role in satiety and helps you eat less.
Also, it is an excellent digestive aid and makes it easier to digest after a rich meal, especially green and black teas (3).

Naturally, drinking tea to lose weight is only effective if you have a healthy lifestyle: regular exercise and a healthy diet. Tea, therefore, helps to lose weight, burns fat, and increases metabolism, but like all slimming assets, it requires a healthy lifestyle.

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