Why is it important to eat vegetables every day?

Why is it important to eat vegetables every day?

Eating vegetables is one of the key elements of our diet. We should eat them daily, preferably organic. Its many benefits on our organism have been proven, as well as on our well-being.
Why should we eat them every day? What is the benefit to our body?

Health benefits of vegetables

You must often hear people say: “eat five fruits and vegetables a day”, and you don’t necessarily understand why. Of course, they are healthy and natural, but they also have properties that other foods don’t have.

It is important to note that food has a great influence on the environment of our cells, and therefore on the well-being of our body. Indeed, today we no longer eat healthily, but on the contrary, we consume ultra-transformed products, which has a direct influence on weight gain and health.

Eating vegetables helps to maintain the body’s acid-base levels, which is extremely important, but also plays a role in our blood system. Indeed, green vegetables are composed of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps regenerate our blood and improves its quality.
All vegetables are rich in antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. They have the advantage of being low in calories. Their consumption reduces oxidative stress, which corresponds to an imbalance between oxidative waste – free radicals – and anti-oxidants.

This is the reason why they are widely used in detox cures. Indeed, they contribute to purifying the body by boosting our emunctories. Remember that emunctories are our filtering and eliminating organs, they evacuate waste and toxins from our body.

How to eat vegetables?

It can sometimes seem complicated to eat vegetables, you may think that the preparation is long. However, it is much more pleasant to eat fresh dishes that we have prepared ourselves for. It is possible to find fresh and seasonal vegetables very easily. You will find them in markets, in the fresh food section of supermarkets, in organic shops, in the early vegetable section.

Try, as much as possible, to eat them raw. Raw vegetables are considered living food. This means that you are eating food that has not been altered, even by cooking.
Quick-cooking over low heat can be done, however, remember that heat can alter – or eliminate – certain nutrients such as vitamins or phytonutrients. By consuming them as raw as possible, you make sure that you provide your body with all their benefits.

Vegetables from allies to keep in shape

Health also means maintaining what we call a healthy weight, that is to say, the ideal weight about our BMI (Body Mass Index).
Eating vegetables is not only good for the well-being of our organism, our emunctories, but also our weight, because they are very low in calories. A large ration will be beneficial for weight and body, essentially if they are natural, unaltered and unprocessed.
Within any diet, within any weight loss program, their consumption is encouraged between three and five times a day. Also, these foods can capture fat and act as appetite suppressants, such as eggplant for example. Slimming allies par excellence!

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